Cliff GW4GJT is sadly silent key.

He passed away on 21st July 2014.

Silent Key sale of Amateur Radio Items.

Here are some of the items I am selling on behalf of my friend Cliff GW4GJT now sadly silent key.

Items that are for sale, many are boxed and with original manuals. If you're interested in purchasing any of them.

Many items have yet to be catalogued,

so if you do not see what you are seeking ,

please contact me. I will check for you.

Please email me.

Or phone or text [preferred ] me on 07808 471276.

The price displayed is negotiable but does not include postage/shipping

Which will be extra (collection from me is free, of course).

I accept cash, cheques and PayPal, just contact me, Mike GW4GUG for details.

There will be many more items available, as soon as a definitive list is available.

PC's, Monitors, antennas and more,

Antenna Related

  • 60 foot Altron Telescopic and tiltover Radio Tower

    4 x 15 foot sections including top rotor cage. With ground post.

    Will include 12 electric winch and battery,

    Extra base mount. Buyer collects, helps with dismantling.

    Sensible offers.

    Equivalent New Altron , bare , no accs, £1100

  • Pair of Dee Comm 20M traps
    Never Used £10.00

  • Pro Whip Portable vertical antenna. Model no : 10 HP.

    New Price £75.00.Offers Please.

  • Yaesu G650 XL Rotator and display.

    With 9 metres of control cable.

    New price ~ £399. Offers Please.

  • EH Antenna
    40M (7MHz)
    2KW SSB/CW, 500W RTTY/AM
    Bandwidth 200kHz. 2:1 400kHz

  • Cushcraft R6000
    20-10m Vertical Includes Warc Bands.
    Awaiting replacement Insulator.
    Delivery expected Oct/Nov.£250.00.

  • Cushcraft R8
    40-10m Vertical
    Includes Warc Bands
    Never Used New MLS Price : £599.95 Asking price £450.00

  • TH-3JRS 3 Element HF Yagi.
    Up to 8 dbi gain - front to back 25db.
    Only 6 months outside £300.00

  • LDG AT-1000 Auto ATU
    HF Automatic Antenna Tuner.

    With Power suppply. New MLs : Price : £209.95,

    Offered at £130.00

  • G2DYM Multi band trap Dipole, with Balun/ switch box.

    A variant sold by Sprectrum Communications

    Antenna £160. Balun £58.00 Offers Please.

  • 16 element Tonna F9FT 2 Metre Yagi,

    With fittings. Wsplc new price £148.

    Offers Please.

  • X 3 off 2m/70cm "White stick" colinear base verticals.

    Possibly some have 6m capabilty

    With radials and fittings. Believed to be Comet brand all are 16 foot long.

    Offers Please.

  • Heavy duty drive on portable mast base. Brand new, unused.


  • Heavy duty 12 " Galvanised T and K brackets with x2 2 inch U clamps.

    For mounting base antenna to exterior wall.

    Brand new, unused.


  • 4 section portable mast, with guying supports on sections.


  • CG3000 Random wire autotuner,

    not coax o/p. suitable for verticals , against ground system,

    or Long wire loops etc,] with Control box . A very versatile unit.

    MLS new price atu £290. control box £50.Priced at £200.00


  • MFJ-249 HF/VHF SWR Analyzer
    1.8 - 170MHz

  • Sandpiper Brand 4 element 6 m yagi. Well built, gamma match.
    New Price £ 90.00 , Offers Please.

  • Avair AV-20
    Cross Needle SWR Power Meter
    1.8 - 200MHz 15W & 150W two ranges. Built in light.
    As New £25.00

  • Avair AV-40
    Cross Needle SWR Power Meter
    140 - 525MHz 15W & 150W two ranges. Built in light.
    As New £25.00

  • Watson W-420
    SWR Power Meter
    118 - 530MHz 5W, 20W & 200W three ranges.
    Power meter can be switched to read Average or PEP
    Built in light.

  • Diamond MX-62M
    HF & 6M 1.6-56MHz and VHF/UHF 76-470MHz Duplexer

  • Comet CH250BX2 Broadbanded HF Vertical.80-6m no gaps.
    New Price £399.00. Mint condition, offered at £ 299.00

  • Diamond MX-72N(? marking worn away)

    HF/VHF 1.6-150MHz (SO-239) and UHF 350-470MHz

    ("N" Connector) Duplexer 250W PEP (SO-239 Mix)

  • Heathkit Cannister Dummy Load, 1KW, oil filled

  • Termaline Coaxial Resistor
    Dummy Load
    50 watts 50 ohms

  • Kenwood LF-30A
    Low Pass Filter 1kW PEP 50 ohms

Computer Equipment

  • Custom built Tower Desk-top PC with:
    • Intel i3 processor 3.3 GHz
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 232 GB HDD (C:)
    • 596 GB HDD (D:)
    • DVD RW x2 (E: & F:)
    • 8 USB ports (2 front mounted)
    • Win 7 64 bit O/S installed
    • HD Audio
    • Intel HD Graphics driving 2 monitors:
      • HP 2211 series Widescreen HD LCD
      • Samsung SyncMaster 2032BW Widescreen HD LCD
    • Realtek Network adaptor
    • Keyboard & mouse
    Viewing by request - first to view will buy it!!
    £425.00 ONO

  • HP Pavilion dv2700se Laptop
    • Intel Centrino Core2 Duo Processor 2.5 GHz
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 220 GB
    • DVD RW
    • 14.1" Widescreen
    • WiFi
    • Built in Web Cam
    • NVIDA Graphics, Video Outputs:
      • S Video
      • SVGA
      • HDMI
    • IEEE 1394 Socket
    • Digital Media Slot (supports many card standards)
    • ExpressCard slot
    • Ethernet
    • Modem
    • 2x USB ports
    • Expansion Dock
    • Mic Socket, 2x Headphone Sockets
    • Fingerprint Login
    • Windows Vista Home Premium O/S
    • New Power Supply
    • Complete with spacious carrying bag
    Cost £1100.00 new! £150.00

  • Advent 5313 Laptop
    • Duo Centrino Processor 2 GHz
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 179 GB HDD
    • DVD RW
    • SiS Mirage 3 Graphics
    • 15.4" Widescreen
    • Realtek WiFi
    • SiS Ethernet
    • Web Cam
    • 4 USB Ports
    • SVGA Socket
    • Ethernet Socket
    • SD Card Slot
    • Mic & Headphones Sockets
    • Windows Vista Home Premium,
    • Complete with carry case

  • Packard-Bell Easy/Note
    Duo Centrino Processor.
    Windows XP Professional,

  • Lindy 10 Base 2/t Hub
    including power supply

  • Arlotto HB-208PBN 10/100 Atuo-Sensing Hub
    8 ports + 1 uplink port
    including power supply

  • Dell Flat screen monitor
    15 inch TFT LCD
    MODEL: 1503FP
    Inc power supply

  • Medion flat screen PC Monitor
    15 inch TFT LCD
    Type: EZX15K MODEL: MD6144AO
    Built in Speakers
    Inc power supply (12V DC 3A)

  • SAMTON 51S flat screen PC Monitor
    Inc power supply

Data TX/RX

  • CG Antenna Co.
    SB2000 Data Modem
    Psk Rtty etc.
    Complete with 2 sets of leads to fit some Kenwood and Yaesu rigs (not all)


  • X 2 Tigertronics
    USB Digi-modes Modem
    SignaLink Sound Card Radio Interface

    With leads suitable for Kenwood radios.

  • Microphones

    • Kenwood MC-60A
      Amplified Desk-top Microphone

    Morse Keyers

    • Single Paddle Kent Brass Key on heavy base

    • Double Paddle Kent Brass Key on heavy base

    • MFJ-495
      Millennium CW Memory Keyer
      With accessories:
      • MFJ "QWERTY" Keyboard
      • Power supply
      • Accessory adaptor plugs and leads

      Being sold for £180 elsewhere without accessories;

    Power Supplies

  • Power Source Plus Inverter
    12v to 240V sine inverter 500 watts.
    Brand New £30.00

    MyDel MP-30SWIII
    9-15VDC 28-30A
    Voltage Adjust control
    Noise Frequency Adjust control.

    Would suit Kenwood Ts-480 SAT below, or most 100w 13.8 v radios.

  • Power Source Plus Inverter
    12v to 240V sine inverter 500 watts.
    Brand New £30.00

    MyDel MP-50SWIII
    9-15VDC 50A
    Voltage Adjust control
    Noise Frequency Adjust control.

    Would suit Kenwood Ts-480 HX below, or most 200w 13.8 v radios.

  • Radios & Accessories

    • Kenwood TS-480 - 2 versions available:
        Kenwood TS-480SAT
      HF Transceiver
      Kenwood TS-480HX
      HF Transceiver
      Frequency Coverage All amateur HF bands and 6M
      Power Output Variable, up to 100W all Bands
      (dependant on mode)
      Variable, up to 200W HF
      100W 6M
      (dependant on mode)
      Modes SSB/FM/CW/AM
      Standard Features Auto Tuner
      Included Fist Mic
      Power Lead
      Mounting Bracket
      Manual,Voice module.[£85]TCXO [£110]
      Fist Mic
      Power Lead
      Mounting Bracket
      Manual, TCXO.[£110] 1.8 KHZ SSB FILTER [£113]
      Receive coverage is 30 kHz to 60 MHz.
      Direct frequency keypad entry is supported.
      Stand-alone LCD control panel includes its own speaker and can be placed up to 16 feet away from the main unit (making mobile fitting ans use easier).
      Attractive back lighting of the display and controls, ideal for night or low light use.
      100 Alphanumeric memories are available and multiple scan functions are supported.
      Built-In PSK31 Compatibility.
      Built-In Computer COM Port.
      Built-In CW Auto-Tune Function (SAT only).
      Price MLS New price , No Accs £599, Offers Please MLS New price , No Accs £899, Offers Please

    • Yaesu CT-62
      Cat interface cable

    • Kenwood PG-5G Programming interface cable.

      New Price £ 40.00 Offered at £ 25.00

      Yaesu FT-2900
      2Mtr FM Transceiver
      75/30/10/5W output, 5kHz & 2.5kHz Deviation
      Large LCD Display, CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode
      Excellent Receiver Performance
      221 memory channels
      Complete with MH-48 Microphone
      As New £85.00. MLS New price £ 149

    • Motorola TKLR-T5
      PMR446 Licence free hand-helds (2)
      Complete with twin desk-top charger

    • Heil Sound Sport Radio Pro Headset.With Kenwood connections.

      £80.00, New MLS price £ 140

    • BHI NEIM1031
      Noise Eliminating In-line Module
      £95.00, New MLS price £ 140

    • BHI NES10-2 MK3
      Noise Eliminating Speaker
      £70.00, New MLS price £ 93

    Telephone Equipment

    • BT Versatility Telephone exchange
      6 incoming lines, 10 extensions
      complete with 4 system phones, 2 secondary phones, music on hold etc

    • BT Diverse 5450
      Answerphone with Cordless Handset

    • Paragon 400 Digital Telephone Answering Machine


    • Black & Decker 30 Pieces Laser Set
      30 piece Laser set including drill bits, other odds & ends, and Laser pointer
      Brand New £7.50

    TV & Video

    • Archos AV700 (100 gigabyte model)
      Video Player & Recorder / Music Player & Recorder / Photo Viewer / USB 2.0 Hard Drive
      Screen resolution 420 x 234
      100 movies and some music already installed (delete the ones you don't want!)
      All leads, remote control, manual and box.

    • 22 inch TV Bracket
      22" TV Bracket, suitable for any other items with a screwed thread attachment (camera etc.), goose-neck

    • Samsung DVD / VHS Combo Player/Recorder
      Marked but works well

    • VHS Security X-vision time lapse recorder
      1280 Hour Time lapse recorder with 40 hr real time record

    • Nikkai A16FJ
      2.4GHz Wireless Plug-in AV sender

    Other Items

    • Garmin GPSMAP C60Sx with sensors and maps
      Hand-held GPS receiver with colour map display
      Includes Maidenhead Locator System/Ordnance Survey/Lat-Long co-ords etc.
      Electronic Compass
      64MB SD Card for optional data
      Waterproof, lasts up tp 18 hours on 2 AA batteries
      Includes car cradle, car power lead, belt/pocket clip, USB Cable
      Also magnetic external antenna (and extra 8ft antenna extension cable)
      As New Condition £225.00

    • Camping Gas Stove
      Single burner
      Brand New

    • Roof bars for Citroen Picasso. Never used . Offers ?

    • TopFlame Portable Gas Heater
      complete with 1 gas cylinder

    • Spanish language Course
      Full Course:
      12 cassettes all boxed, manuals, books, etc.
      Brand New
      Various other language courses available (French, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Arabic, Norwegian, Maltese, Hindi, Afrikaans, Russian - contact for details)